Firm’s Core Values

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Dedicated Professionals with a set of Honed Skills who are Reputable but Unapologetic and will Work Tirelessly to bring about the “Most Good.”


Being a part of the Firm means DEDICATION to serving the clients and the causes we champion. That dedication largely mirrors devotion. We don’t just represent, we care.

Stepping into any arena or environment to observe one of our teammates means you will see a PROFESSIONAL. Professional means how we conduct ourselves and also means the highest level of preparedness and even honor in the approach to that representation.

Each of us as a specialized set of HONED SKILLS because each of us has served. We know military legal practice inside and out because we have lived it. We were military prosecutors, military uniformed defense counsel, administrative law action officers, command legal advisors, and even one former military judge. Honing our craft was no accident; it was forged with intention.

You will not find any in our number who is not REPUTABLE in this field. Our name means something and brings an elevated level of respect to each client and each cause we serve.

No matter how esteemed our reputation, make no mistake that we are UNAPOLOGETIC in our relentless pursuit of the best result for each client and each cause. We do not fear repercussion either to ourselves or to any future career path because we are completely independent. We serve our clients.

We WORK TIRELESSLY for the causes and clients we champion. No one works harder than our team. No one. People often question whether we sleep given the product we put out and the skills we display.

Since 2012, Ms. Stewart has been motivated by this idea of taking the cases and the clients where she can have the most impact. This is what she calls doing the “MOST GOOD.” We turn away cases when we do not believe our efforts can make a difference. We are not a mill, churning out quantity of cases simply to take a fee. We do not sugar coat, and we are not salespeople. We will not take a case unless we know that we are value-added.