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Being a part of this Firm means DEDICATION to serving the clients and the causes we champion. That dedication largely mirrors devotion. We do not merely represent clients, we care.

When you are dedicated, you put in the time and hard work necessary to see it done right. To correctly and effectively represent clients in the military communities, an attorney must be devoted to ensuring he or she possesses a superior knowledge of the facts and law. This takes someone dedicated to putting in the hard work for each and every client.

We are dedicated to our clients because it is our calling. Our paths in life have all been forged by the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Representing a client when their career, liberty, or life is on the line is a bold endeavor that gets us out of bed in the morning. How can I help save her career, how can I expose the truth, how can I help mitigate his damage? These can be terrible burdens for many people to tackle, but for those at this Firm, it drives us. This type of dedication is essential to defending our clients.

When faced with allegations that could end your career, liberty, or life, do you want an attorney who was ordered to show up, or do you want an attorney that has dedicated her/his life to defending those like you? It is  not merely an assignment, an order to take this side. Think about that for a moment: it may very well be that your assigned lawyer did not even want to do defense work. Perhaps they were cajoled into it by being told they need some courtroom time to “round out” their assignments. While not true for all, many accept assignments based on what is being suggested to them, or worse, what is being given to them without any other assignment options.

For those at this Firm, we have all chosen this path; it is not a temporary assignment to meet the needs of some greater organization; it is a profession that we excel in because we love it. After all, to become a master at any craft, you must first love it. When dedication is rooted in a love for the craft, it will see anyone through the long nights, the tough cases, the hard trials with enough zeal and passion for taking on the next case and client. We remain DEDICATED servant-warriors, for every client, for every case, for every cause.