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The Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart provides exceptional court-martial and DUI defense in Bremerton, WA and surrounding areas. With Jocelyn C. Stewart’s court-martial and military litigation experience and technical expertise in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, her team is highly qualified to assist you in any military defense case. For help with sexual assault allegations, homicide, drug, larceny and other cases, contact our experienced UCMJ Attorneys to learn how we can help you.

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USS Louisiana Bremerton Washington

Bremerton, Washington on the Kitsap Peninsula is home to dozens of military memorials and historic sites. These sites date back to the Spanish War and honor fallen soldiers in World War I and II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The most visited historic sites in the peninsula are the Puget Sound Navy Museum, Naval Undersea Museum and U.S.S. Turner Joy.

Also in Bremerton is Naval Base Kitsap – the 3rd largest Navy base in the U.S. with approximately 13,000 active-duty personnel.

Bremerton DUI Defense Attorney

Whether you are facing DUI charges as a civilian or military member, a DUI conviction will have serious consequences. At the Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart, our military defense attorneys are uniquely qualified to handle your case. Our legal team has an extensive background in military law. We know the drill in military legal settings and are prepared to fight for your rights, your reputation and your future.

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The Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart maintains the highest ethical standards and pledges to serve your case to its highest potential. A keen knowledge of military procedure is vital to ensure a successful case. We will guide you every step of the way through the legal process and work tirelessly to help clear your name. Contact us through our web form today.

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