Suspension from and Relief of Command

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The Fleeting Nature of Command

The role of commander is revered. Many work their entire careers to serve in battalion, squadron, brigade, or group command. Who plays a role that is more highly authoritative and respected? In all branches of service, the years it took to achieve command can unravel in a few moments with even one complaint.  Command, while prestigious, remains vulnerable to change. With authority comes vulnerability. Are you able to lead with integrity and make corrections or even broad-sweeping change? Or are you forced to cower to the whim of those who lack standards?

Navigating the Tightrope: Adhering to Standards

How many headlines remind commanders that their jobs are exceedingly tenuous when all that is announced is a “loss of confidence.” This precarious balance highlights the thin line between minor errors and career-ending decisions, urging commanders to proceed with utmost care. When everything is on the line, do not wait. A commander on the battlefield would not go it alone. Why should you?

The Quest for Redemption

After the humiliation of being suspended or even relieved of command, your journey doesn’t have to be over. Shift your focus toward seeking redemption. You did not get selected from command because you are someone who folds in the face of adversity. Prove your resilience but do not go it alone. There are setbacks; that is a part of leadership. Do not yield to those who would seek to take you out all because you wanted to enforce standards.  Do not allow anyone to define your entire career or self-worth from something like an anonymous IG complaint or fleeting remarks in a command climate survey. You’ve worked way too hard and for far too long to cave now.

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