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Other Reviews

Other Reviews

Former Clients

I am in her debt

Though criminal charges were never preferred in my case, Jocelyn was incredibly helpful throughout the investigation process. I felt protected, and never faced any disrespectful investigative tactic horror stories that I read about online. I was a very needy client, and Jocelyn was always available to talk when I called asking for advice. Her counsel lead to the best possible outcome for my particular case, and I am in her debt for her wisdom and experience. Once your case comes to a close, you would never want to think that there was something else that you could have done to achieve a better outcome. If you hire Jocelyn then you will never have that problem.

Call Her ASAP!

Calling Jocelyn was the second best thing I did after being ambushed by a CID agent, the first thing being smart enough to refuse to speak with them at all. She quickly responded to an afterhours cell phone call and due to her working knowledge and experience in the field, was able to explain to me the most likely circumstances surrounding my situation. The process of being the subject of an investigation and the subsequent actions WILL mean that A. you will get no support from your COC or other elements of the US Army, and B. you WILL feel absolutely alone during the duration – no matter the outcome. Having Jocelyn in my corner was my most valuable asset to answer my many questions, communicate with L.E. and others involved on my behalf, and she was absolutely the deciding factor in my one hundred percent positive outcome. My biggest take away from the entire experience is that the military’s legal system is definitely not set up for the accused to have any support, this means you will need to get your own – and you will need to do it quick!

By: Former Client,  3 Years ago

She will fight tooth and nail for you

Ms. Stewart is a superb lawyer that will fight tooth an nail for you until the end. She does a great job of tracking her work and keeping you updated. 5/5 stars and would highly reccomend. Very skilled and knowlegeable. if you are looking for a lawyer that is passionate about what they do, then Jocelyn C. Stewart is the one for you.

By: Former Client,  3 Years ago

No charges were brought

I chose Jocelyn Stewart after reviewing many UCMJ lawyers. When I asked her why I should choose her she confidently stated, “I work harder”.  She ended up proving that as true.  She has a talent for finding details that prove your innocence and converting them to effective legal writing that impressed me every time. No charges were brought and I was restored back to my job. I highly recommend her as the best in her field and someone who truly cares about justice!

3 Years ago
Relationship: Former Client

The Second I Hired Her, Everything Changed

In May of 2016 I was called into CID and accused of sexual assault with someone I had been with in Korea. This allegation came to me nearly half a year after I was with her. I knew what happened and knew there was nothing that could have been considered sexual assault but didn’t know what was being said or why. I went into a complete panic. I couldn’t eat, sleep, and breath or even carry on a conversation. To say the least I was scared out of my mind. My command ordered me not to contact anyone that I knew from that time period and they provided me with no information. To say the least I was on my own. For a while I was half delusional thinking that this would go away or my accuser would step up and do the right thing and admit that she had lied.

After a few months of silence and getting no answers and getting farther and farther away from any evidence that should exonerate me I decided to look for a lawyer. I searched the internet and called several different lawyers. Ms. Stewart was the last lawyer I called. After speaking with her I knew that she was who I was going to hire. Even though I knew I would hire her I still felt like I needed confirmation because this was going to possibly be the choice that was going to save my life, career, and reputation. I spoke with alternate lawyers in the area, they all knew Ms. Stewart and without wanting to they admitted she was the best person to hire.

The second I hired her everything changed. Her confidence and knowledge on military justice processes are undeniable. Her ability to handle both me as a nervous and demanding client and the situation proved unparalleled. I was able to regain focus and get back to improving my life knowing that my case was in her hands. She worked diligently calling possible witnesses and getting information from people that I certainly wasn’t being told. She leaned forward with the same mind set that I have and prepared to defend me at a court-martial prior to my Article 32 hearing. However, the diligence that she put in finding witnesses to speak at my Article 32 and the manner in which she conducted the defense at the Article 32 proved to be invaluable. Ms. Stewart was able to re-interview witnesses and find someone to completely contradict my accuser’s sworn statement. In the end the Article 32 report found no probable cause for any sexual charge that I was being accused of.

I can honestly say that Ms. Stewart always anticipates several steps ahead in her strategy and case preparation, thinking of all outcomes that could arise. On a side note I would like to add that prior to my Article 32 hearing we met with my military lawyer and after seeing the work Ms. Stewart put in he stated, “I would not have had the time to put this amount of work in on this, I am just so overwhelmed with cases, this is money well spent.” It most definitely was.

After the Article 32 she began leveraging the report’s findings to convince the prosecution why they should not go forward to court-martial at all. Realizing they did not have a case for anything but improper relationship she continued to fight for me. The prosecution offered to send me to a summary court martial for fraternization. The military lawyer thought that was great and that I should take it; however, Ms. Stewart said no and fought hard. In the end I received an Article 15 for my offense. I couldn’t believe it. I was looking at going to jail for something I didn’t do and in the end I faced the right disposition and received a just punishment.

I can honestly say that if you are not hiring Ms. Stewart you are putting yourself at risk. When it comes to these cases the Army does not care if you are guilty or not. They will destroy you as a person, destroy your life, and have you register as a sex offender and go to jail, all for something you did not do. If you come into any trouble in the military YOU HIRE MS. STEWART!!!!!!!!!!

“An Intellectual Pitbull on Crack”

I hired Jocelyn to represent me at the onset of a U.S. Army CID Criminal Investigation. My ex-wife falsely accused me of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and other misconduct when I decided to divorce her. From the beginning Jocelyn aggressively engaged with USACIDC in an effort to expose the truth.  She was like an intellectual pitbull on crack going up against the Special Agents and Military Attorneys. Jocelyn fought for me and my best interests from day one and stayed with me for two years while the investigation continued. Due to Jocelyn’s professional and extensive legal knowledge I was not court martialed when my chain of command was afraid and/or ignored the evidence that my ex-wife was making up the allegations.  However, I was sent to a Board of Inquiry. Jocelyn’s efforts in exposing the investigation and the government lawyer’s intent to mislead to the board members of the truth resulted in a full acquittal of all allegations of misconduct. I will now be allowed to retire with an honorable discharge with all benefits. Please note if you’re looking for a lawyer who will just tell you what you want to hear then Jocelyn isn’t the person for you; if you’re looking for a lawyer who will guide you and have the hard conversations with you then she is the person for you. Hire Jocelyn if you want someone to diligently work towards the best possible outcome.

Confident in Jocelyn, Not Confident in the “System”

Being innocent and caught up in a CID investigation is incredibly frustrating. The unfortunate part is that until you are charged with something, the government will not provide you an attorney. I turned to Jocelyn when just such a thing happened to me, and I could not be happier with her work and the final outcome. She is there to guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your rights and dignity are respected from start to finish.

With Jocelyn’s counsel I was able to get my once pending promotion to SFC instated and even backdated, and my security access restored. I cannot think of a better advocate to have in your corner. Although there were many sleepless nights through the course of my investigation, I could find peace in the fact that I knew I had an experienced and tireless advocate working for me. With Jocelyn at your side you can be assured that she will do everything in her power to make sure your innocence will come to light. In my case, I was not titled by law enforcement and she stopped the case from ever being charged. I remain grateful and am not certain the “system” would have worked everything out on its own.

A 16 month ordeal of waiting for the unknown

Our son was wrongly accused of a crime while stationed overseas. The charges were not clear at that time, but our son had no faith in the military legal system based on his interaction/communication with his assigned legal counsel. He started searching for outside civilian attorneys and found Jocelyn. She immediately responded to his inquiry and spoke with him several times prior to him retaining her as his legal counsel. We were impressed with her responsiveness, confidence and her familiarity with UCMJ. We hired Jocelyn and her dedicated defense began. We knew right away that she would do everything she could to prove our son’s innocence. What we thought would be a rather fast process turned out to be a long 16 months. The final court martial date was established, and we knew we had hired the right attorney. She worked diligently in conducting in-depth research and obtaining expert witnesses, using every resource she could find. Evidence had been lost or destroyed by the government, but this did not stop the government from pursuing a conviction against our son. Jocelyn’s perseverance paid off and evidence was found days before it was to be destroyed. From the beginning of this ordeal, it was evident that the military’s approach was guilty until proven innocent. Her performance in court was unprecedented. Early on, she established herself as an experienced litigator and dominated the proceedings. Her knowledge and confidence was impressive as she maneuvered her way through the legal proceedings. This process was incredibly stressful and she never stopped believing in our son’s innocence. Our son was acquitted of all charges. Had we not hired Jocelyn, we believe our son would be in prison without ever having proper legal representation. We recommend Jocelyn Stewart 100 percent without any hesitation to our soldiers in need.

She Gave Me Hope

I hired Ms. Jocelyn Stewart to represent me during my General court-martial. I had been charged with one specification of false official statement and three specifications of unprofessional relationship. I was scared and felt completely alone. After just one phone call with Ms. Stewart, I felt renewed with hope. I knew without a doubt, I wanted her on my side. She was always honest with me, and I leaned on her significant legal experience.

In court, she was aggressive in her defense, yet extremely professional. She not only got the specification of false official statement suppressed and thrown out, but I was also acquitted on all remaining specifications.

I feel my end result in court was completely dependent on Ms. Stewart’s representation; an end result I would not have received without her.

While it was unfortunate that I found myself in such a horrible situation, I felt honored to be represented by one of the best military law attorneys out there. If you are facing military legal matters, please let Ms. Stewart fight for you. You will not be disappointed.

Charges dropped after Article 32 hearing

Jocelyn was consistently knowledgeable and confident about my case. She worked well with both appointed military council and with outside resources. While my case didn’t go to trial, she was aggressive in pursuing all available pre-trial options to get the charges dropped.

Knowledgeable, Experienced, Resourceful, and Passionate about her job (YOUR case and the rest of YOUR life).

I contacted Jocelyn for a consultation after being the subject of a military CID investigation for a period of months with no resolution. My case was extremely complicated, but basically came about when a female service member I had an one time intimate encounter with gained 15 lbs over leave post encounter. In my case the female had a history of false allegations with three other service members, two before my case, one the month following her allegations against me, and all sexual assault and Domestic Violence related. After the local county prosecutor declined prosecution in my case CID continued an extremely biased and relentless effort to discover evidence supporting the female service member’s story. When dealing with CID’s one-sided approach to investigating allegations you really need someone knowledgeable and aggressive in your corner.

I have been in the military for 13 years and had no idea how unfair the UCMJ really is. In the current political environment service members accused of any sort of Sexual Assault allegations are basically guilty until proven innocent, and with Congresses continued pressure on the military things will only get worse. The UCMJ is continually being changed in ways that make it harder and harder to defend oneself, and with the rest of your life on the line it is imperative to have the right counsel.

The entire court-martial procedure is confusing, and it seems that Military Judges can also be very biased and one sided when they decide on which evidence is “relevant” and can be let in and I feel that in my case the judge definitely ruled on many occasions that evidence we tried to introduce wasn’t relevant when it in fact was. The rules of evidence are not as black and white as one would think, and a lot of the stuff that the judge allowed in really boiled down to Jocelyn having done the leg work to find pertinent case study that supported the evidence we were allowed to get in (basically showed he would be impartial if he didn’t let it in).

Throughout the entire time Jocelyn represented me she did an amazing job of keeping me informed as to how the process worked, where we were in the process, and was always good about preparing for actions two steps ahead of the process. With her experience comes a variety of connections she has established for outsourcing necessary actions such as computer exploitation in my case. Having former experience as a prosecutor allows her to know what the trial counsel will likely do before even they know they will do it was the impression I developed in my case. She is very proactive and is always prepared for a curve ball.

Military appointed defense attorneys are over-tasked, frequently inexperienced, and really don’t have that much riding on the outcome of your case. Jocelyn left military service because she wanted to help soldiers when confronted with a broken system and as a civilian attorney also has a more vested interest in the outcome of your case because her reputation is also on the line every time she steps into a courtroom. This was apparent the entire process with her, she knew my case inside and out, and put in tireless hours exhausting every possible approach and resource when preparing my defense.

I was found Not-Guilty of the original two initial charges, but found guilty of a third lesser-included offense introduced after we had rested our case at trial and I feel this was solely because the way the judge introduced it as an option later in the court martial, almost as he was suggesting it to the jury as a viable alternative to a non-conviction. Right now in the military courts are prosecuting anything they can get their hands on regardless of the facts, it’s strictly a numbers game to appease political unrest. The military “justice” system is geared against you, and the best chance of a favorable outcome in your case is having Jocelyn in your corner as early in the process as possible

Unparalleled Knowledge, Interpersonality & Ability

New to any kind of legal trouble, when I faced a problem I knew I couldn’t handle on my own, I immediately consulted Jocelyn out of the blue based on recommendations I saw on the internet. Her reply was nearly instantaneous and set my mind at ease. Her knowledge of military law is unparalleled and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone facing any amount of legal trouble, big or small. I faced an Article 15 Hearing with the Commanding General of my post with full confidence, knowing that I had represented myself in the best possible way in large part due to Jocelyn’s coaching and constant contact with me throughout the process. I ended up with the lightest possible sentencing and was able to continue my plans of out-processing from the Army honorably and without further incident. I sincerely appreciated everything Jocelyn did for me and have no doubt that she is competent and confident enough to handle whatever problem a potential client may be facing.

To the point and professional

Ms. Stewart helped me through a tough trial with the military. She genuinely fought on my behalf to get me the best possible outcome. And for that I am grateful.

Scared and Confused, but then Enlightened

I hired Jocelyn Stewart when I found out I would be facing legal matters from the U.S. Military. I was scared, confused, and in possibly the worst position of my life. After researching and speaking to multiple attorneys I knew she was the one I wanted fighting on my side. Her knowledge of the UCMJ and how the Court Martial and court system works is truly amazing. She always kept me informed on what she was doing on my behalf and what was coming down from the Govt. She was always upfront and honest with me, which I appreciated very much. Although everything did not end like I would have hoped (never being in the process to begin with), overall,I couldn’t be happier. I have no doubt in my mind that the end result was because I had Jocelyn fighting for me. Thanks to Jocelyn and the work she did for me, I now have a second chance at life, and my family and I are very thankful for her help. I would highly recommend Jocelyn Stewart and her services to anyone facing ANY legal matters. If you are concerned about hiring the wrong attorney, give her a call for a consultation and let those concerns disappear.

A Competent, Knowledgeable and Compassionate Family Advocate

We searched nationwide for an attorney to represent our son who had been wrongfully accused of a crime. After speaking with Jocelyn by phone, my husband and I felt confident her military background, legal experience and demeanor were well-suited to represent our son. Her thorough preparation of our son’s case undoubtedly contributed to him being cleared of the charges against him. There were times we’d wished Jocelyn had kept us more informed and updated on developments and information requests; nevertheless, without hesitation we would recommend Jocelyn Stewart.

Fellow Attorneys

Robert Fellrath

“I had the pleasure of trying a number of cases against Jocelyn when we were both on active duty together.  Jocelyn was a brand new trial attorney at the time.  She impressed me with her dedication, preparation, knowledge of the case law, and overall performance.  Even as a new trial attorney, Jocelyn distinguished herself from other attorneys with her tremendous performance.  I highly recommend Jocelyn if you are facing UCMJ action.”

May 29, 2015

Edward Hecht

“Jocelyn is an excellent attorney with a commanding grasp of military law!  I’ve read many of her posts on Avvo and am impressed with her legal knowledge and the thoughtfulness of her answers.  If I were needing an attorney for a military law issue, I’d definitely contact Jocelyn, and you’d be wise to do so as well!”

April 13, 2015

Linda Lawrence

“I endorse this lawyer. Her answers to questions are clear and correct.  She is a knowledgeable attorney in this area.”

April 1, 2015


“I endorse this lawyer.”

By: Coleman Hengesbach

Fellow Lawyer in the Community

I highly recommend this lawyer; she is a true professional. I endorse this lawyer.

By: Judd Nemiro, Family Law Attorney in Phoenix, AZ – About 2 months ago

Relationship: Other


Jocelyn is a passionate attorney who fights tirelessly for her clients.  I give this attorney my highest recommendation.

By: Steve Franklin, Car / Auto Accident Lawyer in Tacoma, WA – 9 days ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse this lawyer. If I was in trouble, she would be my first call for representation. Thorough, tenacious, incredibly conscientious, a zealous advocate who knows the law inside and out, Jocelyn would be my first and only choice for a lawyer. I observed her in court on numerous occasions and it reinforced why she is the best! The very best!

By: Donna Hansen,  Louisville, KY,  7 Years ago
Relationship: Supervised lawyer

Jocelyn is a brilliant trial advocate. I have known her for more than eight years and consult with her often. We worked closely on a difficult murder case and prevailed because of her tenacious ability to develop facts and communicate complex issues to a jury. I highly recommend Jocelyn and would hire her myself if my military career were on the line.

By: Peter Kageleiry,  Military Law Attorney in Norfolk, VA ,  7 Years ago
Relationship: Supervised lawyer

Jocelyn is an outstanding criminal defense lawyer. I have known her for 5 years. I have worked with her and against her on several high profile criminal cases. She is an aggressive and highly skilled trial lawyer that fights like a gladiator for her clients.

By: Michael Waddington,  Military Law Attorney in Evans, GA ,  7 Years ago
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter

I worked with Ms. Stewart in sexual violence prosecution. She impressed me as a skilled litigator. She worked hard and achieved solid results.

By: Steve Berlin,  Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Leavenworth, KS,  7 Years ago
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I’ve known Ms. Stewart for nearly 7 years. A zealous advocate and top-notch litigator, I would recommend her practice and professionalism in any area of the law. Whether the matter is criminal or civil, you won’t find a better attorney by your side in a courtroom. Ethical, forthright, and persistent – exactly what you want in a co-counsel or attorney advocating for you!

By: Joanne Gordon,  Arlington, VA,  7 Years ago
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Over the course of 18 months we worked together on a series of military criminal defense cases. Her work in motions practice and in trial (cross-examination, closing argument) is among the best I have personally observed. I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer.

By: Eric Morley,  Military Law Attorney in Wright-Patterson AFB, OH,  7 Years ago
Relationship: Worked together on matter

I endorse this lawyer. I worked with Jocelyn on active duty and on a sentencing case we had together. Cliché though sounds, were there a picture of tenacious in the dictionary, she would be glaring at the opposing counsel reading the definition! The results I saw her get were nothing short of phenomenal, all due to her meticulous preparation and dogged determination to get her client the best outcome possible.

By: John Davis,  Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston, TX ,  7 Years ago
Relationship: Worked together on matter

I highly recommend Jocelyn in any criminal case. I have known Jocelyn since 2005, and I worked with her in many criminal cases – from sexual assault cases to homicides – when we were military prosecutors in Germany with the US Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Jocelyn was always detailed to the toughest cases in our office because of her superior intelligence, meticulous trial preparation, and tenacity in court. Her strong presence and determination in the courtroom was always second to none. She is an outstanding trial lawyer!

By: Javier Rivera Rosario,  Military Law Attorney,  7 Years ago
Relationship: Worked together on matter

I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer. A brilliant, trustworthy and highly respected attorney in the legal community.

By: Sean Cleary,  Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami, FL,  6 Years ago
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse this lawyer.

By: Robert von Dohlen,  Insurance Law Lawyer in Houston, TX,  7 Years ago
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.

By: Christian Lassen,  Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA,  7 Years ago
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

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