It Has Been My Honor

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Being a voice for the oppressed brings change for that individual, but cultivating and contributing to the dialogue and shaping policy are the hallmark of a legacy. Some may remember cases I have won over my career, but I pray more will see the benefit of a life spent trying to change the system before the system changed me.

It truly has been my honor.

These are my stories…

The cases that have strengthened me,

that have exhausted and renewed me,

and that have made me rage cry.

I share these stories to identify merely some of those who the military justice system has tried to silence. I provide a call to action, to rally and grow an “army” of advocates. They cannot silence us all.

What Early Readers Are Saying…

“A phenomenal read that gives a look into the military justice system from the perspective of an extremely professional Army legal veteran. Jocelyn C. Stewart pulls no punches and delivers her written stories with the same flare she demonstrates in her social media content. The inside look at the UCMJ and how she has helped members of our armed forces navigate it makes for both a compelling story and an invaluable tool for those of us still serving…relevant to today’s junior troops, an invaluable read for everyone from E1 to O5.”  Austin von Letkemann @MandatoryFunDay on TikTok

In Jocelyn’s book “It Has Been My Honor”, she has eloquently shared 12 cases where she served as a defender of those men and women who have served to protect our freedom as members of the U. S. Military.  She provides details on how she approached the cases and walks you through lessons learned, challenges and the personal toll these cases take on the accused and the defender.  As a non-lawyer reading this, I found this absolutely riveting, well written and heart-wrenching.  I praise Jocelyn for the work she does and have great admiration for the grit and dedication she puts into each and every case in an attempt to find the best possible outcome for her clients.  She truly puts her heart and soul into her work – you can feel it in the pages of this book.  This is a must read!” – Colonel (Retired) Kim Biever

“Lawyers like to tell war stories, but few lawyers have the depth of material or the conviction of principle that Jocelyn shares here.  Her commitment to both her clients and her work shines through in these tales of tension, trial, and triumph.  After the parades and easy support for our troops fades away, she’s stood next to service-members in their darkest moments, and this collection of legal maneuvering and court-room prowess can be reassurance that the odds stacked against you are never absolute.  In military justice circles, the title of “true believer” is sometimes a badge of honor and sometimes a more derisive epithet.  No matter how someone uses it to describe Jocelyn, you can be sure it’s going to be received as a compliment.  This book explains why defendants continue to look to this true believer to stand beside them.”Ben Grimes

“In reading this book, I could not ignore the sheer power and strength that Jocelyn Stewart exudes as she lays out specific stories drawn from her experience in defending people in the military courts.  You may notice that I referred to her clients as people rather than soldiers or members of the military.  The reason is simple, they are in fact people and Jocelyn clearly recognizes that she must get to know these people to best understand how to structure a defense against a non-caring Government machine.  Jocelyn is no doubt a great lawyer, but more importantly, she is a human being who understands the power of humanizing her clients so they feel safe and can open up to her in order to assist her in taking apart the Government’s cases.  I highly recommend this book to lawyers trying to understand how to be more effective in their own practices; but also, highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to understand how the power of human connection can be harnessed to understand those around them.” James “Ted” Tedford

“Real passion is rare, but you know it when you see it. And the passion that Stewart shows for the people that take that one step forward and swear an oath to protect this country really shows throughout this book, in each anecdote and each story. There are lawyers, most of whom fit the stereotype, then there are those who literally fight for the oppressed. This is particularly hard in the military, because it is only in the last few years that we have seen our forces pay attention to the realities that false accusations can be a form of petty revenge, but a revenge that can cause a service man or woman their careers or even risk jail. This is where Stewart shines in her practice.  And her obvious success and achievements in this area are bound to have brought change to a hidebound system. The civilian UCMJ defense counsel is a rare breed, and not many last, but Stewart’s great intellect and the passion to protect the innocent has carried her in a career that many would have left.  But like the Ginsu Knives ads, wait, there’s more…. She’s an eloquent writer and a natural storyteller of “war stories.” And has plenty to tell as a result of her long and successful career. It’s simple really, she writes what I call “page turners” stories with so much narrative drive you just have to find out what happened. From out of control conspiracies because senior officials didn’t want the truth to come out about our nuclear capabilities to a shockingly set of egregious accusations by a deranged girlfriend who managed to stab herself and blame Stewart’s client, to a soldier accused of credit card fraud that were actually perpetrated by a local den of Iraqi thieves who had access to quarters. It’s not only unusual to find a military defense lawyer who can write (this is Stewarts fourth book), but she’s also a fascinating storyteller on social media. Go see her TikTok account and you, like I, will wonder why she hasn’t been offered a movie deal yet. When the popcorn has stopped popping I’m back to her channel.”Tim Kenney

“Jocelyn is not only a skilled military defense attorney, but an incredible storyteller committed to fixing the criminal justice system within the Armed Forces. Each chapter had me riveted, almost unbelievable cases of people who through no fault of their own, were falsely accused of wrongdoing. Using science, reason, logic and most importantly the truth, It Has Been My Honor is a must read to get the “story behind the story” on multiple cases which played out improperly in the mass media. We are so fortunate for truth tellers such as Jocelyn who have the courage to expose not only the corruption and cover-ups that occur at the highest level of military leadership, but those judges who are committed to justice and the protection of the law.”  – Theresa Carpenter

“The term “true believer” is usually uttered by us criminal defense lawyers as a pejorative for prosecutors who blindly accept the word of the police on faith. This book sheds a new and refreshing light on the term. As you read it you will feel that Jocelyn Stewart is a “true believer” not in a particular person or even the systems in which she navigates with the highest levels of professionalism and expertise. Rather Jocelyn Stewart is a true believer in the concept of justice. Whether charged with stealing some rugs in Iraq or mishandling nuclear secrets Jocelyn Stewart’s pursuit of justice never falters; her work is never deprioritized (aside from that one time which likely, literally, saved her life). As a proud product of Sand Hill turned trial lawyer, I’ve been blessed with numerous occasions to brainstorm and strategize with Jocelyn and can say without doubt that I’ve been too restrictive with the phrase “Queen of Battle.” Each story in this book embodies every characteristic of what it takes for those inducted into the Actual Army (11BangBang HOOAH!) to have climbed Honor Hill. This book will transport the reader to her Battlefield; you feel like an actual Battle Buddy. As a fellow BB, being asked to write this review has been My Honor. #FollowHer “Mart Harris

Here are the chapter titles to this fantastic 250 page book…

  • “HAS BEEN”?

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