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Understanding The Consequences Of An Administrative Separation For Misconduct

Officially, the military’s method of formally prosecuting misconduct (and “kicking out” those who commit it) is through a court-martial or military trial. What many don’t know is that far more cases of alleged misconduct are resolved through involuntary administrative separation than by courts-martial. An “administrative separation” is also known sometimes as a “Chapter” or a … Read more

PSA: Traffic Stops

Messy Military Lawyer. Today’s public service announcement involves traffic stops. Let’s say you find yourself late one night early in the morning and the police have pulled you over. Are you going to hand them your military ID because you somehow think that’s going to get you out of trouble? Don’t do it. Hand them … Read more

Legal Rights Of Military Members

Think military service members don’t have rights at a trial or legal proceeding. Service members have rights just like they do in civilian courts. One essential right that I find a lot of military members do not know about is the right to have legal representation. You can choose to be represented by one of … Read more