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When it comes to court-martial cases, every detail matters, and you need someone who understands that from the start. Ms. Jocelyn C. Stewart is the attorney in the military justice arena who stands out for her unwavering commitment to providing top-quality representation from day one. While many lawyers take a reactive approach, Ms. Stewart’s strategy is proactive: she digs deep, running a collateral investigation to understand the state of the government’s evidence and uncover what others might miss. This meticulous approach can mean the difference between a closed investigation and a formal charge. The dirty little secret of other firms who engage in military defense is a retainer means all they will do is sit back and wait. Things seldom work out in your favor if you do not engage with an aggressive advocate. Participating in the investigation through counsel can make all the difference.

Having trained countless prosecutors from all branches of service and even military police and Army investigators, Ms. Stewart knows the inner workings of military law enforcement. This insight allows her to identify the weak points in a government’s case and secure evidence without relying on government subpoenas. Her extensive experience as a former Special Victim Prosecutor gives her an edge in understanding the strategies of the other side, allowing her to turn the tide in her clients’ favor.

But what really sets Ms. Stewart apart is her ability to collaborate with top-tier expert consultants and witnesses in military justice. She has earned the trust and respect of the most reputable professionals, ensuring that she can assemble a team of experts for any court-martial case. These experts, compelled at the government’s expense, not yours, bring invaluable knowledge and support to every stage of the legal process.

Ms. Stewart’s preparation is unmatched. She doesn’t take shortcuts, and she doesn’t recycle last year’s motions. Each case is given the individual attention it deserves, with a personalized strategy that aligns with your best interests. Unlike attorneys who may grow complacent or driven by their own financial gain, Ms. Stewart is motivated by the desire to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients. She understands too well the impact the process has on military members, and she wants to stop the investigation in its tracks. Jocelyn also cares about resiliency and the well-being of anyone facing the challenges of feeling cast aside by the command; download a free copy of the Survivor’s Guide she authored.

If you’re looking for a lawyer who takes on the toughest cases, you need Ms. Stewart. She’s created a team that is not about volume; they are about impact. Despite the challenge that daily grows tougher by Congressional agendas, they are ready to fight for the underdog and level the playing field. When you need someone who brings every possible resource to your defense, choose Ms. Jocelyn C. Stewart, an attorney and military justice defense leader who will be in your corner every step of the way.

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