How To Survive Sexual Assault Allegations

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In this Survival Guide you’ll discover…

  • How to stay connected even when all hope seems lost.

  • How to stay calm, patient and focused through the ordeal.

  • Why maintaining healthy habits are important.

  • Why being proactive helps your defense.

  • How to tell the “good guys” from the “bad guys”.

  • How to find your voice.

  • How to choose the right advocate.

  • …and so much more.


Many if not most of service members who find themselves accused of sexual misconduct wait to hire an attorney; they hope against all hope that they will not need an attorney. Perhaps they hope that the accuser will admit it is a false allegation; perhaps they think that law enforcement will uncover the truth; perhaps they are simply in denial that this nightmare is their new reality. Whatever the reason, waiting to hire an attorney when you are facing prosecution by the military for sexual assault can cost you more than the dollar amount of a retainer agreement: waiting to hire an attorney can cost you evidence that shows you are innocent, waiting to hire an attorney can cost you your defense, and waiting to hire an attorney can ultimately cost you your livelihood, your liberty, your right to bear arms, and your right to live where you desire.

As a former military prosecutor, Army Special Victim Prosecutor, military defense counsel, and civilian practitioner, Ms. Stewart’s experience and knowledge of sexual assault in the military is superb and her representation of clients has earned her phenomenal case results and a trusted reputation.

Now is the time to ensure that your rights will be protected. Hire a former military Special Victim Prosecutor who knows the military’s sexual assault law inside and out, one of very few practitioners that has practiced under all four different versions of the U.C.M.J.’s Article 120