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Legal Rights Of Military Members

Think military service members don’t have rights at a trial or legal proceeding. Service members have rights just like they do in civilian courts. One essential right that I find a lot of military members do not know about is the right to have legal representation. You can choose to be represented by one of … Read more

Gratitude To Expert

So, after a very long and arduous battle. My client is free. He had been suffering under false allegations of sexual assault for the last, gosh, almost a year. And this allegation came from an accuser who decided to come forward more than 15 months after their brief sexual encounters. She fell prey to what … Read more

The Problem With Toxic And Counterproductive Leadership Allegations

The experienced attorneys at The Law Office of Jocelyn Stewart are accustomed to defending senior servicemembers against allegations of all kinds. While we are known for our victories at trial, we also resolve many cases early by proactively dealing with allegations during the investigation process. In recent years, many of our senior military clients have … Read more

Understanding TOXIC And COUNTERPRODUCTIVE Leadership

At the Law Office of Jocelyn Stewart, we routinely represent military leaders accused of misconduct ranging from sexual harassment claims to fraud and everything in between.  In recent years, a new type of allegation has grown in frequency and seriousness for our more senior clients, with some new and confusing terms. The term “toxic leadership” … Read more

Pre-Clearing for Military Justice

A common situation that causes military personnel to reach out to our office is the distressing experience of being told by their leadership that they are facing involuntary administrative separation… and then in the next breath hearing that same leader immediately say, “you need to start the clearing process.”  This can cause stress and confusion … Read more

Be Careful What You Ask For In Military Justice

I am (often) critical of legal advice the government provides to its commander client. I was recently reminded that in the grey where command sometimes operates, the military client seldom does himself or herself any favors by filing complaints. Even when the command is not following process. At least not before speaking with a seasoned … Read more

Seizure of Personally Owned Weapons and the UCMJ

The firm often fields questions about whether or not the command or police authorities can seize personally owned weapons from service members. As many issues in the law, it depends. A search warrant or other valid authority is required for law-enforcement to search for evidence, but there are other legal reasons why law-enforcement may be … Read more

Limited Rights to Privacy in Military Housing and the UCMJ

Whether or not members of your unit, your command, and even military law enforcement can enter your military housing can be a complicated issue. Military family housing is a type of private residence. It is true that the military “owns” the buildings used for military family housing, and often those quarters are leased through an … Read more