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So, after a very long and arduous battle.

My client is free.

He had been suffering under false allegations of sexual assault for the last, gosh, almost a year. And this allegation came from an accuser who decided to come forward more than 15 months after their brief sexual encounters. She fell prey to what we see so many times in these cases. Our false memories that come after there’s been a period of alcohol blackout and filled in the blanks with being a victim as opposed to having made conscious decisions that she didn’t necessarily morally approve of.

I’m so enormously grateful that they that they got it right, that decision was right and just because it doesn’t happen very often. And what’s so sad to me is that the reason that this client now is free is because his family was able to buy justice. I have to live with that, that I can’t save everyone. You know, I write my books, I’m doing TikTok and by the time this blog comes out I will have started my podcast.

But I can’t save everyone.

An enormous amount of gratitude to one of the premier experts in alcohol and memory, who is a personal friend of mine. And I called kind of in a favor to get her to be able to work on this case at a reduced fee on behalf of my client because of our prior professional relationship and mutual respect.

I was literally sitting at my desk wondering what expert I should try to call upon on such an important case. That means so much to me. And, I get this email from my colleague who I’ve worked with many times, but is very hard to get because she’s just that busy. And she was letting me know that she has retired from academia and is going to be taking a more flexible approach to taking cases and would really love to work with me. And so, you know, it was really meant to be. So kind of in my feelings right now, I’m super exhausted. I haven’t slept a lot in the last several days because, you know, working on this case.

So I’ll be putting out more content pretty soon. And just want to send lots of love out there to all the people who are doing these battles on whatever side, right? Especially the experts who give their time, knowledge, attention to really worthy cases.

Jocelyn Stewart is a UCMJ court-martial attorney who specializes in defense of allegations of sexual assault for all branches of the military worldwide.


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