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America is not a huge fan of lawyers.  Yes, attorneys make for great television and movies, and most people are happy to have a lawyer when in trouble with the law or injured, but in terms of public opinion, attorneys rank near the bottom. The American Bar Association recently surveyed members of the public and found that only 39% of people agreed that “most lawyers try to serve the public interests well.” On the other hand, most of society views the military as holding great esteem among various professions. A Pew Research study found that 78% of U.S. adults feel members of the armed services contribute “a lot” to society’s well-being. That same study found only 23% felt that way about attorneys!

There are many reasons for this disparity between how the public views our armed forces and how they view lawyers. Most view the military as defending them against threats, while many individuals have experienced a lawyer assisting someone who was some kind of threat or force against them, such as in a divorce or civil lawsuit. Additionally, high-profile criminal cases that end in acquittals are sometimes painted as a sneaky, underhanded lawyer “getting somebody off on a technicality,” suggesting that justice was not served.  In fact, many potential jurors, if candid, would admit that they see lawyers as getting in the way of the truth, not being forces for it.

The reality is that the legal profession is highly regulated by a strict set of ethical rules, and those who don’t follow them are likely to lose their license.

Here at the Law Office of Jocelyn Stewart, we take our reputation as ethical professionals seriously. At the same time, we fight hard for every client. We know that it is possible to do both… if you understand the law and have the skills to win. That is why our mission statement is “Dedicated Professionals with a set of Honed Skills who are Reputable but Unapologetic and will Work Tirelessly to bring about the Most Good.”

We may never change people’s minds about lawyers in general, but we are confident that our own track record of wins, achieved with integrity and through superior advocacy, tells you all you need to know about us. We are proud of the military service that every member of our firm has given, and absolutely believe in the ideals that make the Armed Forces so great. You will not find one member of our team who is not reputable in this field. We know that our clients have committed themselves to lives of service governed by meaningful values. We feel the same, and we are committed to protecting their lives and futures.