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Keep Your Messages, Call History From Past Hookups

Messy military lawyer, PSA, public service announcement. You’ve gone on dates, you’ve hooked up, you’ve had interactions with a young lady. Maybe things didn’t go the way she wanted. Maybe things didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Do not, do not, do not delete your text. Do not delete your call history. Do not … Read more

How Does The Military Define Hazing

The army defines hazing in a very specific way. An Army command policy 600-20, paragraph 4-19, specifically subparagraph A1, hazing is defined as a form of harassment that includes conduct through which either soldiers or even DA civilians without proper military authority or governmental purpose, but with who have some type of a nexus to the military physically or psychologically injure, or create a risk of physical or psychological injury to soldiers.

Defending The Victims

How do you catch a child molester? Jocelyn Stewart, Esq. knows first hand what it’s like to defend the innocent and catch a pedophile. But how do you do so when there is very little published on the subject? “I wanted to do the work the right way…so I grew my own personal library…I also … Read more

Harassment in Military Justice

More and more we get calls and questions about what harassment in the military is. The cynic in me is inclined to answer that harassment is just about anything that anyone claims it is. Seriously. At least that is the first blush at the answer. I cannot count how many investigations I have reviewed where … Read more

Preserving Evidence

DO.NOT.DELETE.YOUR.TEXT.MESSAGES.OR.PHOTOS and backup your data to the cloud. Too often someone will call and tell me that they are being accused of a terrible crime and that they had evidence that would prove the allegation is false, but they have deleted that evidence off their phones. Every time I hear this, my heart sinks for … Read more

Yes Men For Military Justice

Years ago, when the rating scheme for judge advocates changed from being rated within the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (the other senior lawyers) to being rated by the commanders (who are the customers that are receiving the legal advice), I did not realize the danger. I did not know enough to be concerned. … Read more

Responding to Derogatory Findings for Company Grade Officers

When the command initiates an investigation against you, your world may be turned upside down. You are put into a limbo status while awaiting the investigation’s results. For a while, only field grade officers (O-4s and above) could see the investigation’s results and respond to any negative (derogatory) findings. However, company grade officers (O-3s) are … Read more

Effectuating Change Starts With A Discussion

Like so many of you, I am deeply troubled by violence our children and educators are being forced to endure, witness, or imagine to the point of feeling unsafe. Many people I love and care for keep adding discord to the topic and are merely sharing upsetting memes and trumpeting “do more!” “do something!” “make … Read more