You’re Going To Be Okay

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Are you in the military and are you getting into trouble for UCMJ or NJP

Well, if you are, you need to know that you’re going to be okay regardless of what happens. Regardless of what attorney you hire or get detailed to you, yourself physically are going to be okay.

And I know that your command is questioning who you are. I know they’re making you question who you are, but you’re going to be okay. And don’t you dare make a permanent decision to a temporary problem. Don’t you leave your loved ones behind.

I don’t care if they take your stripes away. Your loved ones are going to love you as an E-5 just as much as when you were an E-6. A client of mine committed suicide this week and his grieving mother called to inform me that her son, my client is now dead. And I have got a bone to pick with his command because they did him dirty.

I’m so angry at the command, and I’m so damn angry at my client. He’s going to be okay. There’s always another step. It is a process, and so if you’re getting into trouble, know it’s going to be hard. Sometimes it’s going to suck sometimes, but at the end of it, you’re going to be okay.

Call your loved ones.
Let them know you love them.
Call your friends.
Check up on them.
Call your battle buddies.
They’re good at hiding it.
They’re good at taking a knee and drinking the water.

Ask him the tough question. God knows. I wish I did.

Defending service members is a passion for Cody, so he chose to leave the JAG corps and continue defense work in private practice as part of a team of excellence at Law Office of Jocelyn C Stewart, Corp.

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