What Is Toxic Leadership

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What is toxic leadership?

Toxic leadership is a form of counterproductive leadership that has a recurring and deleterious effect on the people and the morale of an organization. It also can be said to threaten the ability of that person to accomplish the mission.

Army regulation 600-100 lists, a number of different toxic behaviors that can be said to total and influence whether or not that person is in fact, a toxic leader.

I want to make sure that I’m being as precise as I can with you. Understand that toxic leadership is defined as a combination of self-centered attitudes, self-centered motivations and behaviors that adversely affect subordinates. They can also adversely affect the organization and even mission performance. They also have to have been occurring more than once.

Because it says it’s recurrent and actually can have, it doesn’t have to have, but they can be the types of behaviors that can have a lasting impact on the organization itself on morale and on even mission accomplishment.

Again, toxic leadership is a more specific and recurring type of what the Army and the military has classified as counterproductive leadership. And counterproductive leadership has a number of different types and examples as provided in Army doctrine.

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