What Happens After A CID Investigation

What happens after a CID investigation?

Once CID determines that the investigation has no more additional leads that they are going to pursue. They forward it to their own internal chain to get approval, to close it out. Once that happens, it gets turned over to your base legal office where the JAG officers there will review it, determine if there’s any reason that they think the case needs to be reopened or additional investigative measures taken.

Typically they don’t.

And they begin the conversation with your command about what should happen as a result of the investigation. It can take quite some time, even once CID closes out the investigation for the JAG attorneys to speak with the command, get approval from their own technical chain about steps moving forward. And then CID in conjunction with the JAG office will approach the command to give them their assessment about what potential charges they think should be charged, what standard has to be made in order to meet them and give that final recommendation to the command. Ultimately, because UCMJ is command driven. The command will then make a decision about whether or not to pursue charging.

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