The Military Justice System Has A Unique Solution

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The military justice system has a unique solution, which is when the military justice system is done with somebody, they can sort of flush them into society. And that is problematic because those individuals then become part of sort of the burden on society if they don’t effectively transition into post punishment life. So it’s very easy to discharge somebody when the military mindset is, let’s just get rid of them.

That mindset, of course, is something that you can’t have in a regular court jurisdiction because people live here, they have to go somewhere, they have to do something. And what we try to do in the work that I do is find a way forward into the future. Those people if they’re going to be punished to have them have a life after that. And of course there are plenty of cases where the evidence isn’t right or people haven’t actually committed the things that they’re accused of doing, and then it’s about fighting to get justice. It’s fighting to ensure that those who’ve been falsely accused or who’ve been overcharged or who are being accused of something inaccurately or in completely have their day in court and are given the opportunity to get see justice and see a good outcome and retain their freedom and retain their future. And that’s a very satisfying part of this work as well.

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