PSA: Only Take Your ID Card With You To Military Law Enforcement

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Messy Military Lawyer – today’s service announcement:

Is if you for any reason need to go down to a military law enforcement location like OSI, CID, NCIS, CGIS any of them, don’t bring your phone with you.

Don’t bring your wallet with you. Have a buddy drive you. Chances are if you’re a suspect you’re going to be driven there by an escort anyway. Do not bring your phone with you. Do not bring your keys with you. Do not bring anything with you at all except your ID card. They’re going to offer you this handy dandy locker, where they claim that any of your personal effects that you put into it are going to be completely private and you will have the only key. If you believe that I have a piece of real estate I’d like for you to look at. Again today’s public service announcement is if you are going to military law enforcement for any reason whatsoever do not bring your phone with you, do not bring your wallet, do not drive yourself and bring only your military ID card and don’t use their locker.

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