Poppyseeds and Urinalysis

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Hot off the press from the DOD. It is well documented that consuming poppy seeds can sometimes lead to a positive urinalysis if the drug test shows only codeine in the person’s system.

The labs thought poppy seeds could not explain this codeine result, this positive result for coding. They thought it could only be explained by someone taking prescription drugs that they were or were not prescribed. A recent scientific publication along with a DOD memorandum shows that positive codeine urine drug test can be the result of innocent ingestion via poppy seeds. As a result, the DOD is temporarily suspending the reporting of codeine, and they’ve decided not to destroy old urine specimens that have tested positive for codeine in the past. The last three years of positive tests are now deemed untestable. If you are in trouble or if you have gotten in trouble in the past for a codeine related drug test and you know you didn’t do anything wrong, there’s a chance now.

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