What Are the Three Types of Court-Martial?

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There are three kinds of court-martial in the military. The two main kinds are a general court-martial and a special court-martial, which generally will translate into the civilian world as actual, real federal convictions.

With a general court-martial, you will face the maximum potential punishment for whatever each individual charge will carry. It adds up, because it is whatever the maximum is. However, for a special court-martial, the jurisdictional maximum is no more than one year in confinement and a bad conduct discharge.

The third type of court-martial is known as a summary court-martial, which will not translate into the civilian world as a conviction. Generally speaking, you will only face up to 30 days of confinement, some reduction, some pay and forfeitures. In lieu of confinement, there can also be a combination of some extra duty (or potentially some restriction), and some other hard labor without confinement.

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