Shaping The Battlefield 3 Book Series

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Ms. Stewart has appeared before more than fifty-four military judges of various service courts, and she has drafted and responded to hundreds of Rule 412 motions since 2005. From experience in nearly two decades of litigating sexual assault cases as a military prosecutor, uniformed defense counsel, and civilian defense practitioner, Ms. Stewart knows that sexual assault cases crowd the docket more than any other single type of case. Rule 412 motions are litigated in nearly each of those cases, and they, like all motions, voir dire, and instructions, have the power to shape the battlefield.

As a former JAG for the U.S. Army, Jocelyn C. Stewart prosecuted and defended Soldiers on active duty from 2004 to 2012. Since 2012, UCMJ attorney Stewart has been providing superior representation exclusively to service members in need across all military branches worldwide. Ms. Stewart is determined to provide the best legal counsel possible using unimpeachable tactics to protect each client’s career, reputation and freedom.

What you’ll discover in Shaping The Battlefield Books 1, 2, & 3…

  • How To Avoid Temptation When Drafting Your Motion
  • How To Identify Your Remedy
  • When To Consider Multiple Prayers Of Relief
  • Why Facts Are Important
  • Research Methods
  • Systemic Approach To Legal Analysis
  • Procedural Motions Versus Non-Procedural Motions
  • Why Requesting An Article 39(A) Session
  • How To Prepare To Litigate The Motion
  • What Kinds Of Evidence To Use For The Motion
  • How To Call The Complainant As A Witness
  • How To Avoid Sworn Testimony At All Costs
  • How To Prepare For Oral Argument
  • Why Decorum Above All Else Matters
  • Why Regurgitating Your Written Pleading Is Not Recommended
  • The Importance of Anticipating Judicial Questions
  • What Kind Of Motion Is A Rule 412 Motion
  • How To Look For Rule 412 Facts From A Client
  • How To Identify The Rule 412 Basis For Admission
  • How To Prepare For Legal Writing In Rule 412 Motions
  • Why You Need An Article 39A Session
  • The Importance Of Calling The Complainant As A Witness In Rule 412 Motions
  • How To Prepare For Oral Argument
  • How To Litigate Rule 412 Motion
  • Why It’s Crucial To Anticipate Questions From A Military Judge
  • and much more.

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