How Long Does a Misconduct Investigation Last?

How Long Does a Misconduct Investigation Last?

If a military investigation is being conducted by the command it can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. If on the other hand a military investigation is being handled by the branch specific military law enforcement, those investigations can last a few months, up to several months, and even as far as over a year depending upon the nature of the allegation. In the current political climate especially, investigations into alleged sexual misconduct do not generally become confined only to that particular allegation.

On the other hand, military law enforcement investigators have been trained that it’s typical to see the same person having committed multiple offenses over the course of several years. That military member can find their entire lives being examined under a microscope. Those investigators are going back multiple different assignments and trying to find multiple prior intimate partners to determine if this really was a pattern of misconduct or whether or not it was an isolated event.

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