How Long Does a Court-Martial Appeal Take?

How Long Does a Court-Martial Appeal Take?

In terms of the timing for how long you should expect a military court-martial appeal to take, it can take several years. First, after your conviction is affirmed by the convening authority, that local general or admiral, a flag officer who is approving the final sentence in your case, then your case has to be packaged up and forwarded to that appellate court where you’ll receive appointed or detailed military appellate counsel. After a series of requests for extensions, etc. it can be several months before your attorney is required to file that appeal on your behalf. Then the government will have an opportunity to respond in writing with its team of government appellate experts.

From there, you can again file another extension for a response. And finally, there can be the setting of oral arguments. Oral arguments can take several months before the court can hear your particular appeal. And then from there, it can be several additional months before that particular appellate court issues its ruling.

You will typically see a military court-martial appeal last anywhere from two to four years following the military conviction.

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