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Now accepting applications for Paralegal Administrator for UCMJ Firm

Job Title: Paralegal Administrator for UCMJ Firm

Job Location: San Diego or Remote

About Us: The Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart is a firm composed of civilian defense counsel and paralegal professionals; we fight for the rights of servicemembers worldwide. Veteran-owned, veteran operated, and veteran dedicated. We are looking for a paralegal and legal administrator to organize our efforts to optimize results for our clients who’ve dedicated their lives in service to the nation.

Job Summary: As a Paralegal / Legal Administrator with UCMJ Experience, you will play a critical role in supporting our legal team in matters related to military criminal law and military administrative matters. You will assist Ms. Stewart in preparing cases, conducting legal research, and ensuring the seamless flow of information within the firm. Your in-depth understanding of military law will be instrumental in our efforts to provide top-notch legal services to our clients.


  1. UCMJ Expertise: Utilize your in-depth knowledge of the Uniform Code of Military Justice to assist in analyzing cases, preparing legal documents, and managing clients.
  2. Legal Research: Conduct thorough research on military law issues, including UCMJ regulations, case law, and precedents, to support the development of legal strategies.
  3. Document Preparation: Draft and review legal documents, such as discovery requests, motions, and affidavits. Draft proposed fee agreements for new potential clients.
  4. Case Management: Assist in the organization and management of case files, maintaining meticulous records, and coordinating to ensure deadlines are met.
  5. Client Interaction: Communicate with military personnel clients, and other relevant parties, providing updates on case progress and assisting in gathering necessary information.
  6. Court Support: Assist Ms. Stewart in finalizing witness lists, exhibits, and member selection documents for court proceedings, providing remote assistance during trials and other legal proceedings as needed.
  7. Administrative Duties: Perform various administrative tasks, including filing, scheduling, and managing correspondence related to UCMJ cases.
  8. Legal Administration: Learn to incorporate software to manage client leads, handle onboarding of new team members, and compile and organize content to maximize client leads.


  • A bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies or work as a paralegal and / or legal administrator on active duty.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience as a paralegal, with a strong focus on client matters.
  • Proficiency in legal research tools
  • Willingness to learn software.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a collaborative legal team.

Key Performance Indicators:

 Before New Client Signs

  • Drafts Potential Fee agreements for new potential clients and sends to attorney for final approval / edits

After New Client Signs

  • Works with clients to obtain key documents as part of client onboarding
  • Schedules initial client appointment
  • Works with clients to obtain military service record documents / mitigation
  • Reviews client documents
  • Works with attorney to prioritize areas of interview topics and priorities for order of screen / interview
  • Screens the list of supporters to recommend live witnesses, affidavit authors, and letter writers
  • Conducts witness interviews of potential witnesses for court-martial and administrative separation board clients
  • Compiles exhibits for admin sep boards and uses the shell exhibit list
  • Coordinates for defense investigation as needed
  • Inputs pretrial order deadlines into attorney calendar
  • Creates shell for exhibits by witness word doc for court-martial clients
  • Creates draft from shell for request for production of witnesses
  • Creates draft discovery request from shell
  • Creates motion header template for each court-martial client
  • Manages current client expectations and calls to check in on clients

Improving Client Systems

  • Coordinates with Client Experience Manager regarding scheduling witness interview confirmations / and new potential client consults
  • Coordinates with Client Experience Manager re status of each new potential client
  • Becomes proficient in client experience software
  • Acts as the firm’s manager of client and new potential client in our software
  • Creates monthly Firm newsletter
  • Sends newsletter mockup to attorney for final approval
  • Creates additional emails for potential clients through client experience software
  • Creates additional emails for current clients through client experience software

Website Improvement & Recycling Content

  • Reviews website resource to recommend way to reorganize the blog for better user experience
  • Reviews blogposts that already exist to compile into topical resources
  • Manages blog post requirement from attorneys on the team
  • Makes first edit on blog post submissions
  • Research content topics and create spreadsheet to provide topics to attorneys for content creation

Firm Growth

  • Takes over on-boarding new attorneys into the firm (work email, scheduling account, resume, headshot, etc.)
  • Assists in recruiting new attorneys and support staff
  • Provide suggestions and feedback to attorney about methods of improving systems and growth

Compensation / Benefits:

  • Competitive hourly rate as contract labor
  • Professional development opportunities, including potential firm gathering
  • Supportive and collaborative work environment

If you are a dedicated and experienced Paralegal / Legal Administrator with expertise in military law, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Join our team and contribute to our mission of providing top-tier legal services in the field of military law. Please submit your resume, cover letter, and a minimum of three references to [email protected]

If you’d like to be part of a nationally recognized, collaborative team, then we can’t wait to hear from you.

About Law Office of Jocelyn C Stewart, Corp.

We are committed to providing quality representation from day one. The pretrial investigation is crucial in every court-martial case. At the heart of every effort to stop an investigation from becoming a charged case is investigation. Unlike many of our competitors, the Law Office of Jocelyn C Stewart, Corp. focuses from day one at running a collateral investigation to understand the state of the government’s evidence and to attempt to find evidence the government has yet to uncover. The firm’s ability to make the most significant impact is linked to how early clients find us. Investigation is the most important aspect of any case preparation and in many cases, is the best opportunity to stop a case before it is charged. However tempted a service member may be to wait and “see what happens” most often it is a mistake to wait.

Don’t wait to see whether you can become a member of this impeccable and courageous team.

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