What is an LOR?

An LOR is a Letter of Reprimand. LORs are quality force management tools used by supervisors, superiors, and commanders to improve and correct subordinates’ behavior to address perceived unsatisfactory performance, departure from military bearing or professionalism, misconduct either on duty or off duty, etc. These tools are supposed to be used to correct behavior rather than to punish behavior.

An LOR is more severe than a Record of Individual Counseling (RIC), Letter of Counseling (LOC), or Letter of Admonishment (LOA). Being given any of these administrative disciplinary actions is not any evidence of guilt of any offense.

The seriousness of the alleged departure from standards, in addition to the member’s previous disciplinary record, should be taken into consideration when determining what type of action the command or supervisors should take. The standard of proof for these adverse actions by a preponderance of the evidence, meaning that it is more likely than not that the alleged misconduct occurred. This preponderance standard is often referred to as 51% proof.

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