Is a Court-Martial a Felony?

Is a Court-Martial a Felony?

Most states will correlate a general court-martial conviction with a felony conviction because the person was facing a maximum punishment in excess of one year. Most states will correlate a special court-martial conviction with a misdemeanor conviction, but that’s not always the case.

There are a few states that will look to see whether or not you were facing in excess of one year, or one year or more, and that’s where they draw the line. But generally speaking, the general court-martial will equate to a felony conviction, and a special court-martial conviction will translate to a misdemeanor.

A summary court-martial conviction, on the other hand, translates to neither. It is not a reportable conviction, and it is not something that will go with you as a conviction. Although, certainly, there is the possibility that whatever law enforcement titling and indexing occurred will have the potential to follow you.

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