What Are the Consequences of a Letter of Reprimand?

What Are the Consequences of a Letter of Reprimand?

The most notable consequence to a letter of reprimand or a general office memorandum of reprimand is going to be what the filing determination is going to be. If that particular reprimand is filed locally, there will not be a future impact on the service member’s career.

If, however, that reprimand is filed in the official fiche or the official record, then it can have lasting consequences. First and foremost, any potential future promotion board will see that letter, and so the member can generally expect to never promote again.

Beyond that, the most major consequence of that officially-filed letter of reprimand is going to be that it will generally trigger an automatic administrative separation board. That administrative separation board will decide – assuming the member has more than six years of service – whether or not the person will continue to serve.

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