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Who Has the Authority to Convene a Court-Martial?

Who Has the Authority to Convene a Court-Martial?

The convening authority for a general court-martial is known as the General Court-Martial Convening Authority. In most cases, it’s going to be the most senior-level Officer for the base.

Some bases are large enough that they do have more than one court-martial convening authority, but you’re going to be talking about an admiral, a flag officer, or a general officer with multiple stars.

When people talk about the Special Court-Martial Convening Authority it’s important that you understand that even though the person who is known as the Special Court-Martial Convening Authority is an 0-6 level commander at the base (again, typically there are going to be multiple of those on any given base), understand that a Special Court-Martial that goes to trial, the ones that we actually see in practice, are really known as Special Courts-Martial that are empowered to a judge a Bad Conduct Discharge.

The only person with authority to refer, which is the process of officially sending a case to a Special Court-Martial that can adjudge a Bad Conduct Discharge is the General Court-Martial Convening Authority. That Special Court-Martial Convening Authority’s role generally is going to be appointing an Article 32 hearing officer to a case that has an eye toward General Court-Martial.

A Summary Court-Martial Convening Authority is typically an 0-5 level commander on a particular base, and once again there are typically multiple of those on a particular base. Depending on the person involved in the allegations, often you will see a particular base have a withhold policy where either the Special Court-Martial Convening Authority or the General Court-Martial Convening Authority retains the right to convene that case to a Court-Martial. Even though each of those people have those titles, it may not be on any given case on any particular base that that person is actually fulfilling that role.

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