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Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a former JAG and a retired Lieutenant Colonel, Jocelyn Stewart knows the military’s injustice system inside and out.

Military Career Ending Allegations?

Now more than any other time in the history of the U.S. Military, a service member at risk for being falsely accused. In today’s age of “believe all victims” you need a zealous, relentless team of advocates working to preserve your career. Do not wait and see. That leads only one place… out of uniform. Call us today at 253-317-8494.

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Hire a military attorney with a proven record and a commitment to ensuring your rights will be upheld.

As a former JAG and a retired Lieutenant Colonel, Ms. Stewart knows the military’s injustice system inside and out. Let Jocelyn and her team leverage their experience, knowledge, and reputation to preserve your service. No one should go into battle alone. They remain steadfast in providing the best legal counsel possible using unimpeachable tactics to protect each client’s livelihood, life, and liberty.

What Our Clients Say

When faced with the decision of hiring a UCMJ specialist, Ms. Stewart’s former clients explain all that is necessary about her commitment to their case and her expertise in handling the toughest legal battles. Learn more about her unique abilities in the words of her clients, peers, and military judges.

Jocelyn proved to be a passionate and highly effective attorney and has the skill and dedication to be respected by everyone in the courtroom. Her attention to managing the... read more

Jay Quinn Avatar Jay Quinn
May 1, 2016

Mr. Cody Harnish was a fantastic lawyer. His goal was to give supportive and quality legal representation. He accomplished that goal and more! He exceeded my expectations and gave me... read more

Michelle Thompson Avatar Michelle Thompson
May 1, 2022

I wish there were more human beings/ legal professionals like Jocelyn C. Stewart. - If you are looking for a tough, dedicated, responsible, knowledgeable, legal professional, you will find... read more

Pedro Avatar Pedro
May 1, 2020

After my first phone call with Jocelyn I felt a sense of hope. She listened, cared, and asked questions. We had a very small window to work with and I... read more

David Cantwell Avatar David Cantwell
May 1, 2020

I hired Ms. Jocelyn Stewart to represent me during my General Court Martial. I had been charged with one specification of false official statement and three specifications of unprofessional relationship.... read more

Erin Nitzel Avatar Erin Nitzel
May 1, 2016

I was blindsided by baseless accusations during a post deployment investigation that was being ram rodded through and despite numerous attempts could not get JAG assistance. This was a scary... read more

Paul Adams Avatar Paul Adams
May 1, 2022