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Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a former JAG and a retired Lieutenant Colonel, Jocelyn Stewart knows the military’s injustice system inside and out.

Military Career Ending Allegations?

Now more than any other time in the history of the U.S. Military, a service member at risk for being falsely accused. In today’s age of “believe all victims” you need a zealous, relentless team of advocates working to preserve your career. Do not wait and see. That leads only one place… out of uniform. Call us today at 253-317-8494.

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Hire a military attorney with a proven record and a commitment to ensuring your rights will be upheld.

As a former JAG and a retired Lieutenant Colonel, Ms. Stewart knows the military’s injustice system inside and out. Let Jocelyn and her team leverage their experience, knowledge, and reputation to preserve your service. No one should go into battle alone. They remain steadfast in providing the best legal counsel possible using unimpeachable tactics to protect each client’s livelihood, life, and liberty.

What Our Clients Say

When faced with the decision of hiring a UCMJ specialist, Ms. Stewart’s former clients explain all that is necessary about her commitment to their case and her expertise in handling the toughest legal battles. Learn more about her unique abilities in the words of her clients, peers, and military judges.

Jocelyn is an amazing trial lawyer. She takes every case personally and fights for her clients with skill, passion and tireless effort. I have had the honor to... read more

Bill Ausman Avatar Bill Ausman
May 1, 2019

Ms. Jocelyn is a very professional and responsible lawyer. She worked with me on my case to ensure I was being taken care of. She broke down the process to... read more

Maryanne Alcantara Avatar Maryanne Alcantara
May 1, 2021

Worked with Mike Millios on a Financial Liability Investigation. He was extremely professional and responsive. He helped me draft an effective rebuttal and navigate the process from start to finish.... read more

Glendon McCallum Avatar Glendon McCallum
May 1, 2022

Attorney Jocelyn Stewart and her Team are Awesome, and I highly recommend! Having her representation is truly an honor.

Reema M Avatar Reema M
November 1, 2023

If you are looking for an expert lawyer who knows military law and court proceedings inside and out, who will provide candid and accurate advice when you need it most,... read more

Frederick Ogg Avatar Frederick Ogg
May 1, 2022

Mrs. Stewart goes above and beyond for you and your loved ones. She delivers results! She is beyond knowledgeable, honest, and treats you with sensitivity. There are no words to... read more

Khris Gunselman Avatar Khris Gunselman
May 1, 2019