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The Second I Hired Her, Everything Changed

In May of 2016 I was called into CID and accused of sexual assault with someone I had been with in Korea. This allegation came to me nearly half a year after I was with her. I knew what happened and knew there was nothing that could have been considered sexual assault but didn’t know what was being said or why. I went into a complete panic. I couldn’t eat, sleep, and breath or even carry on a conversation. To say the least I was scared out of my mind. My command ordered me not to contact anyone that I knew from that time period and they provided me with no information. To say the least I was on my own. For a while I was half delusional thinking that this would go away or my accuser would step up and do the right thing and admit that she had lied.

After a few months of silence and getting no answers and getting farther and farther away from any evidence that should exonerate me I decided to look for a lawyer. I searched the internet and called several different lawyers. Ms. Stewart was the last lawyer I called. After speaking with her I knew that she was who I was going to hire. Even though I knew I would hire her I still felt like I needed confirmation because this was going to possibly be the choice that was going to save my life, career, and reputation. I spoke with alternate lawyers in the area, they all knew Ms. Stewart and without wanting to they admitted she was the best person to hire.

The second I hired her everything changed. Her confidence and knowledge on military justice processes are undeniable. Her ability to handle both me as a nervous and demanding client and the situation proved unparalleled. I was able to regain focus and get back to improving my life knowing that my case was in her hands. She worked diligently calling possible witnesses and getting information from people that I certainly wasn’t being told. She leaned forward with the same mind set that I have and prepared to defend me at a court-martial prior to my Article 32 hearing. However, the diligence that she put in finding witnesses to speak at my Article 32 and the manner in which she conducted the defense at the Article 32 proved to be invaluable. Ms. Stewart was able to re-interview witnesses and find someone to completely contradict my accuser’s sworn statement. In the end the Article 32 report found no probable cause for any sexual charge that I was being accused of.

I can honestly say that Ms. Stewart always anticipates several steps ahead in her strategy and case preparation, thinking of all outcomes that could arise. On a side note I would like to add that prior to my Article 32 hearing we met with my military lawyer and after seeing the work Ms. Stewart put in he stated, “I would not have had the time to put this amount of work in on this, I am just so overwhelmed with cases, this is money well spent.” It most definitely was.

After the Article 32 she began leveraging the report’s findings to convince the prosecution why they should not go forward to court-martial at all. Realizing they did not have a case for anything but improper relationship she continued to fight for me. The prosecution offered to send me to a summary court martial for fraternization. The military lawyer thought that was great and that I should take it; however, Ms. Stewart said no and fought hard. In the end I received an Article 15 for my offense. I couldn’t believe it. I was looking at going to jail for something I didn’t do and in the end I faced the right disposition and received a just punishment.

I can honestly say that if you are not hiring Ms. Stewart you are putting yourself at risk. When it comes to these cases the Army does not care if you are guilty or not. They will destroy you as a person, destroy your life, and have you register as a sex offender and go to jail, all for something you did not do. If you come into any trouble in the military YOU HIRE MS. STEWART!!!!!!!!!!

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