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“I was blindsided by baseless accusations during a post deployment investigation that was being ram rodded through and despite numerous attempts could not get JAG assistance. This was a scary place to be and with the full weight of a military investigation being directed at me I knew that I had to get help quickly if I wanted to salvage my military career. The best decision I made was to call Jocelyn C. Stewart. She answered the phone immediately and after far too much of my nervous rambling laid out my rights, the legal process, and what I could expect to happen going forward which put me at ease. If your career is important to you and you want the best defense possible then there is only one call to make…. Jocelyn C. Stewart” ~ Paul Adams

“Ms. Jocelyn is a very professional and responsible lawyer. She worked with me on my case to ensure I was being taken care of. She broke down the process to me piece by piece. She didn’t sugar colt nor lied to me about the consequences if it didn’t go the route I was expecting. But presented options on my plate if that was the case. I absolutely with no doubt I recommend her to anyone across the board. Incredible professionalism and quick response.” ~ Maryanne Alcantara

“Her communication never left me feeling lonely. She constantly made sure to keep me informed about not only the process, but also what her and her team were doing. She didn’t hesitate to answer any of my questions. Jocelyn was the reason I had a voice, my only regret is not finding her sooner to avoid some of the hassles the Army caused. She aggressively hunts down and finds answers. I hope to never be in a position that I need her again, though if I am, she’s on speed dial.” ~ Timothy Schneider

“After my first phone call with Jocelyn I felt a sense of hope. She listened, cared, and asked questions. We had a very small window to work with and I don’t think any other attorney could have done what she did in that time frame. Her interviews were done in an extremely competent and professional manner and her response times were amazing- (we were dealing with a 9-hour time zone difference). She does not sugar-coat things or gave me any kind of guarantee to a certain outcome but fought this case like she was my big sister, and I truly consider her a trusted friend. As I go on to my next assignment, I will always have her on speed dial! Without a doubt, hiring Jocelyn was the best decision I made throughout this entire process and I will always recommend her to my soldiers. Jocelyn does not come cheap, but she is well worth the investment. If she has agreed to take on your case and represent you, you’re a winner and a potential case that can be beat. All in all, I chalk this up as nothing short of a miracle given the malicious and serious nature of the precarious situation I was facing. No charges were preferred, and no administrative action was taken. I can now move on with my career.
Thank you Jocelyn! I’m forever in your debt.” ~ David Cantwell

“I was up against multiple specification of a bogus charge that had the potential to follow me the rest of my life. I called UCMJDefender and Joselyn immediately brought Sean Mangan in on the consultation call to begin working through my case. Throughout the process Sean was checking in to ensure that I was doing alright and to update me on my case. His firm brought in excellent consultants and experts to testify on my behalf. Throughout the trial he and my team overwealmingly showed that the government’s’ case was weak and I was found Not Guilty; additionally he inserted case law that would trigger an appellate review and trial, he plays chess where the government prosecutors are playing checkers.” ~ Hunter Hamilton


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