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I contacted Jocelyn for a consultation after being the subject of a military CID investigation for a period of months with no resolution. My case was extremely complicated, but basically came about when a female service member I had an one time intimate encounter with gained 15 lbs over leave post encounter. In my case the female had a history of false allegations with three other service members, two before my case, one the month following her allegations against me, and all sexual assault and Domestic Violence related. After the local county prosecutor declined prosecution in my case CID continued an extremely biased and relentless effort to discover evidence supporting the female service member’s story. When dealing with CID’s one-sided approach to investigating allegations you really need someone knowledgeable and aggressive in your corner.

I have been in the military for 13 years and had no idea how unfair the UCMJ really is. In the current political environment service members accused of any sort of Sexual Assault allegations are basically guilty until proven innocent, and with Congresses continued pressure on the military things will only get worse. The UCMJ is continually being changed in ways that make it harder and harder to defend oneself, and with the rest of your life on the line it is imperative to have the right counsel.

The entire court-martial procedure is confusing, and it seems that Military Judges can also be very biased and one sided when they decide on which evidence is “relevant” and can be let in and I feel that in my case the judge definitely ruled on many occasions that evidence we tried to introduce wasn’t relevant when it in fact was. The rules of evidence are not as black and white as one would think, and a lot of the stuff that the judge allowed in really boiled down to Jocelyn having done the leg work to find pertinent case study that supported the evidence we were allowed to get in (basically showed he would be impartial if he didn’t let it in).

Throughout the entire time Jocelyn represented me she did an amazing job of keeping me informed as to how the process worked, where we were in the process, and was always good about preparing for actions two steps ahead of the process. With her experience comes a variety of connections she has established for outsourcing necessary actions such as computer exploitation in my case. Having former experience as a prosecutor allows her to know what the trial counsel will likely do before even they know they will do it was the impression I developed in my case. She is very proactive and is always prepared for a curve ball.

Military appointed defense attorneys are over-tasked, frequently inexperienced, and really don’t have that much riding on the outcome of your case. Jocelyn left military service because she wanted to help soldiers when confronted with a broken system and as a civilian attorney also has a more vested interest in the outcome of your case because her reputation is also on the line every time she steps into a courtroom. This was apparent the entire process with her, she knew my case inside and out, and put in tireless hours exhausting every possible approach and resource when preparing my defense.

I was found Not-Guilty of the original two initial charges, but found guilty of a third lesser-included offense introduced after we had rested our case at trial and I feel this was solely because the way the judge introduced it as an option later in the court martial, almost as he was suggesting it to the jury as a viable alternative to a non-conviction. Right now in the military courts are prosecuting anything they can get their hands on regardless of the facts, it’s strictly a numbers game to appease political unrest. The military “justice” system is geared against you, and the best chance of a favorable outcome in your case is having Jocelyn in your corner as early in the process as possible

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