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“Hello, my name is Porter. I would like to tell you about my experience with Jocelyn Stewart as our lawyer. Long story short my son found himself accused of an offense that he did not commit. He works for the military and with little to no regard for actual fact finding the military quickly built a case against my son. His career, freedom, and our long-standing family tradition of honorable service were at risk. I did some research online for competent military law lawyers in his area and all options pointed to Jocelyn’s law office. After one conversation with Jocelyn I knew she was the lawyer best equipped to clear my son of all charges. Jocelyn served in the military as a lawyer so who better to have as your representative. Upon hire Jocelyn immediately began fact finding tasks and identified numerous holes in the military’s case. She kept my son and I informed of all actions and was present for all hearings that required her to be present. At trial Jocelyn laid out the fault with the charges that were made against my son. It is one thing to watch a lawyer on TV, it is incredible to see yours in action in real life. Jocelyn was articulate, factual, passionate, and unyielding. In the end my son was cleared of all charges and returned to his honorable standing with the military. Without question Jocelyn’s knowledge of military law and court proceedings saved my son’s career. If you are in need of lawyer in your corner that will go the distance for you or your loved one, I strongly recommend you contact the law of office of Jocelyn Stewart. I don’t wish anyone to go through what we went through, but if you do find yourself in a similar situation…… Call Jocelyn, I can guarantee you she will work relentlessly to achieve the best outcome for you and your loved ones. God Bless, Porter.” ~ Porter C. Burnett

“As the parent of a son that was falsely accused as a cadet at West Point, I admire lawyers that stand up to commanders and fight for due process/justice. A GCM is grueling for the accused and family members. Having someone caring and competent on your side is everything. P.S. My son overcame this terrible experience and is a practicing lawyer. His job: promoting due process for the accused/exposing Title IX VIOLATIONS on college campuses. Thank you Jocelyn. We see you. We appreciate you.” ~ MaryJean Cromartie

“Jocelyn Stewart is a tenacious advocate for her clients. She has superb trial skills and cares personally about each of her clients. I would highly recommend her as an attorney.” ~ Chantelle Chambers

“Jocelyn Stewart is a tenacious advocate for her clients. She has superb trial skills and cares personally about each of her clients. I would highly recommend her as an attorney.” ~ Anna Esquivel

“Jocelyn is incredibly passionate, brilliant, and her innovative trial skills set her apart. I have worked with her recently and I wouldn’t ever hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She’s amazing!” ~ Robin Givens Moore

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Being a former service member herself and working exclusively on military cases, Ms. Stewart has amassed experience to help in the following areas of the UCMJ:

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When faced with the decision of hiring a UCMJ specialist, Ms. Stewart’s former clients explain all that is necessary about her commitment to their case and her expertise in handling the toughest legal battles. Learn more about her unique abilities in the words of her clients, peers, and military judges.