Criminal Investigation

I was acquainted with Mr. Harnish, after being notified by a past friend that CID called and was inquiring about events that took place almost five years ago. The allegations the agents were investigating were false and fabricated, however, I knew the narrative this individual was spinning carried severe consequences. After conducting some personal research on what to expect during an investigation involving a violation of article 120, I knew two things; first I had a short amount of time to protect myself from invasive legal techniques, and second, if I had any chance of fighting this accusation, I was going to need to seek private counsel. Over the course of forty-eight hours, I narrowed my search to three firms. I focused my search on those firms that specialized in UCMJ law and had a reputation for superior performance.

I called all three however, the main factor that led me to favor Mr. Harnish, was his strategy to fight hard during the investigation phase to steer the outcome outside of a courtroom. He was never intimidated or led me to believe that this case was unwinnable. He listened intently, asked tough questions, and laid out a strategy for his defense. He was extremely proactive, the same day I picked him as my defense, he provided my command, CID and JAG a letter of representation. He also personally contacted all the parties to gather an understanding of the situation and the accusations. Running parallel to his actions, he had his investigator begin a separate investigation into the events that took place. Interviews were conducted along with forensics of my devices to help gather evidence on my behalf. Over the course of seven months, he executed his strategy flawlessly, eventually leading to an outcome of unfounded.

I read numerous horror stories of invasive tactics, ostracization, and helplessness. By hiring Cody so early in the process I never experienced the more severe trauma associated with being under investigation. Having him was like having a bodyguard in your corner. Anytime I had to speak to my command he was a text message away. Not one day have I regretted the money spent to have him in my corner. If you’re reading this, please do not gamble with your future. If you have a family, do not gamble with their future. Look up the court martial docket and see the number of individuals facing criminal charges and notice that most of them decided to go with an appointed representation. Invest in yourself, your future, and your reputation.

Cody, I am sure you hear this often, but I cannot put into words how thankful I am for everything you did for me. I was facing life-altering possibilities that would have ruined my family, altered the life of my children, and destroyed everything I ever worked for. You stopped this from happening, and for that, I am forever grateful to you.

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