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Calling Jocelyn was the second best thing I did after being ambushed by a CID agent, the first thing being smart enough to refuse to speak with them at all. She quickly responded to an afterhours cell phone call and due to her working knowledge and experience in the field, was able to explain to me the most likely circumstances surrounding my situation. The process of being the subject of an investigation and the subsequent actions WILL mean that A. you will get no support from your COC or other elements of the US Army, and B. you WILL feel absolutely alone during the duration – no matter the outcome. Having Jocelyn in my corner was my most valuable asset to answer my many questions, communicate with L.E. and others involved on my behalf, and she was absolutely the deciding factor in my one hundred percent positive outcome. My biggest take away from the entire experience is that the military’s legal system is definitely not set up for the accused to have any support, this means you will need to get your own – and you will need to do it quick!

By: Former Client,  3 Years ago

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