A 16 month ordeal of waiting for the unknown

Our son was wrongly accused of a crime while stationed overseas. The charges were not clear at that time, but our son had no faith in the military legal system based on his interaction/communication with his assigned legal counsel. He started searching for outside civilian attorneys and found Jocelyn. She immediately responded to his inquiry and spoke with him several times prior to him retaining her as his legal counsel. We were impressed with her responsiveness, confidence and her familiarity with UCMJ. We hired Jocelyn and her dedicated defense began. We knew right away that she would do everything she could to prove our son’s innocence. What we thought would be a rather fast process turned out to be a long 16 months. The final court martial date was established, and we knew we had hired the right attorney. She worked diligently in conducting in-depth research and obtaining expert witnesses, using every resource she could find. Evidence had been lost or destroyed by the government, but this did not stop the government from pursuing a conviction against our son. Jocelyn’s perseverance paid off and evidence was found days before it was to be destroyed. From the beginning of this ordeal, it was evident that the military’s approach was guilty until proven innocent. Her performance in court was unprecedented. Early on, she established herself as an experienced litigator and dominated the proceedings. Her knowledge and confidence was impressive as she maneuvered her way through the legal proceedings. This process was incredibly stressful and she never stopped believing in our son’s innocence. Our son was acquitted of all charges. Had we not hired Jocelyn, we believe our son would be in prison without ever having proper legal representation. We recommend Jocelyn Stewart 100 percent without any hesitation to our soldiers in need.

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Being a former service member herself and working exclusively on military cases, Ms. Stewart has amassed experience to help in the following areas of the UCMJ:

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When faced with the decision of hiring a UCMJ specialist, Ms. Stewart’s former clients explain all that is necessary about her commitment to their case and her expertise in handling the toughest legal battles. Learn more about her unique abilities in the words of her clients, peers, and military judges.