What happens if I get a GOMAR?

A general officer memorandum of reprimand (GOMOR) which is often colloquially referred to as a “GOMAR”) is a reprimand from a General. When a Soldier receives this form of adverse action, they will receive a short suspense to provide a response. If they do not respond, the reprimand will be filed in their official record. Filing in the official record effectively means that Soldier’s career is over unless additional action is taken. There are ways to later remove the GOMAR from the official record, but those processes are time-consuming and while the reprimand remains in the record, there are other administrative consequences that are sure to follow. Among those processes includes administrative separation (firing), potential removal for failing to progress such as through the QMP. If the Soldier is able to make it to retirement, then the derogatory filing of this reprimand will trigger what is called a grade determination. A grade determination can administratively reduce the member to the grade at which they last served honorably, which can be more than one grade reduction. Understanding how to best guard against the permanent filing is critical. For more information, please review this post.

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