What does a GOMOR do?

A general officer memorandum of reprimand (GOMOR or sometimes called “GOMAR”) is an official written reprimand from a General Officer (GO). It is not a legal (UCMJ) punitive action, but it can have serious consequences that very much can feel and act like punishment. Any GO can give any Soldier a GOMOR, regardless of where that Soldier is assigned and who the general officer is. It is possible to get more than one GOMOR for the same thing if two different GOs want to reprimand the Soldier. What really matters is where the GOMOR is filed. A “local” filing determination means the GOMOR is just a written counselling, but if the GOMOR is “permanently” filed at HRC, it can lead to other adverse actions, like administrative separation (“Chapter”) or separation through the QMP process. A GOMOR in the official file will also trigger a grade determination, which can administratively reduce any service member (enlisted or officer) for purposes of retirement and retirement pay.

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