Does your Firm handle cases involving disputes over debts owed involving a service member’s pay to DFAS?

Maybe. Law Office of Jocelyn C Stewart may take a matter on behalf of a service member on a case by case basis to DOHA. The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (called DOHA) reviews requests to cancel invalid debts and even applications to forgive debts. DOHA handles claims involving military pay, allowances, travel, transportation, monies when a member wants payments for unused accrued leave, involving disputes on retired pay, and even what are known as survivor benefits. These claims can arise from service that was CONUS and OCONUS. Even if a member or civilian employee was accidentally overpaid, DOHA handles requests to waive the accidental overpayment of debts (including travel and relocation). DOHA even handles certain contractual claims most of which involve disputes between moving companies and a branch of the armed forces about the carrier’s liability when property is lost or damaged in transit  pursuant to a government bill of lading. All cases are unique.

The Firm will assess the viability of the application during the initial consultation and then determine if the likelihood for success.

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