• Gone but Not Forgotten

    First, I am fully aware that Veterans Day celebrates the achievements of those who serve or have served, not explicitly those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, as Memorial Day commemorates. When ...

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  • There are NO Such Things as “He Said / She Said” Sexual Assault Cases

    A climate that systematically encourages individuals to report allegations of sexual assault is, by itself, not one with a poor aim. However, when that system is coupled with policies that dictate ...

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  • Picking a Fair Court-Martial Panel

    Many practitioners in military practice long ago wrote off the idea of truly being able to test the fairness of those in the position to decide the verdicts (findings) in military courts-martial. ...

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  • Choosing Your Civilian Lawyer

    Even though military law is a fairly small specialty focus, the number of civilian court-martial lawyers that are hanging their “shingle” and practicing before military courts-martial is on the ...

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