• Military Justice “More like the Civilian System?”

    As Congress continues its legislative assault against Servicemembers, it is crucial to be aware of the policy that it believes it is setting forth. Congressional dialogue revolves around the ...

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  • What Are the Consequences of a Letter of Reprimand?

    The most notable consequence to a letter of reprimand or a general office memorandum of reprimand is going to be what the filing determination is going to be. If that particular reprimand is filed ...

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  • Choosing Your Civilian Lawyer

    Even though military law is a fairly small specialty focus, the number of civilian court-martial lawyers that are hanging their “shingle” and practicing before military courts-martial is on the ...

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  • Special Victim Counsel

    Since 28 January 2013, the Air Force was the first branch of the military to add a new player in the adversarial sexual assault system: the Special Victim Counsel.  The Coast Guard followed suit on ...

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