Technical Expertise in the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Unfortunately, because The Judge Advocate General in every branch is committed to producing well-rounded military lawyers there is insufficient focus on criminal law expertise, and even less on producing technically and tactically proficient criminal defense attorneys. In addition to Ms. Stewart’s technical expertise in the Uniform Code of Military Justice and its robust case law, her status as a civilian attorney enables her to communicate freely with media, if helpful to your case, unlike her military counterparts. Ms. Stewart’s recent work as a trainer and her dedication to staying current make her an easy choice.

In 2012, the Army Judge Advocate General released the suggested career progression as the proposed model to help ensure that Army lawyers will make rank. The “model career plan” does not mention any specialization, even in criminal law. There is no guarantee that the appointed military attorney has the necessary experience to defend you or even basic courtroom advocacy skills relevant to guard your freedom. The military’s commitment to providing you with an attorney is to ensure you receive an “adequate defense.” Ms. Stewart is committed to bringing you the very best she possibly can. Once convicted, your chances of obtaining relief from the commanding general or military appeals courts are statistically rare, making your decision for a zealous trial advocate even more important.