Military Litigation Experience

Ms. Stewart’s only focus has been military justice since 2005 both as a former prosecutor and as a military defense attorney. The person most knowledgeable about breaching a defensive position is someone who has expertise at constructing them – Ms. Stewart is both. She has an intimate knowledge of the tactics to consider, arguments to make, and potential weaknesses to exploit. As the only former Army Special Victim Prosecutor now practicing as a civilian defense attorney, Ms. Stewart is able to give her clients a unique advantage. She understands the politics involved in the amendments made to the law and was once consulted by the highest levels of policy-makers. Ms. Stewart is an attorney who has likely trained your opposition or their predecessors.

Ms. Stewart has experience with complex cases including murder, rape, sex assault, kidnapping, child pornography, domestic assault, child sexual allegations, and fraud. Explore Ms. Stewart’s experience and case results.