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  • Military Litigation Experience

    Ms. Stewart’s only focus has been military justice since 2005 both as a former prosecutor and as a military defense attorney. The person most knowledgeable about breaching a defensive position is ...

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  • Court-Martial Litigation is Chess, Not Checkers

    Motions Practice: Shaping the Landscape Before Battle Every Move She Makes is Calculated and Focused on Closing Argument If the current political climate means regrettably that you find yourself at ...

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  • A True Specialist

    First and foremost, Ms. Stewart is a court-martial defense specialist; she does not practice in any state or other federal jurisdictions. Ms. Stewart stays current in military court-martial practice. ...

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  • Technical Expertise in the Uniform Code of Military Justice

    Unfortunately, because The Judge Advocate General in every branch is committed to producing well-rounded military lawyers there is insufficient focus on criminal law expertise, and even less on ...

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