What Sort of Crimes Does Army CID Investigate

What sort of crimes does Army CID investigate?

CID often is heard to say that they investigate felony level crimes, but that doesn’t necessarily answer the mail when it comes to the UCMJ. Often we have a harder time delineating between what constitutes a felony and what constitutes misdemeanor. In large part that’s because it’s a command decision at what level to send a particular action to a court martial or not. When we talk about the kinds of crimes that Army CID investigates the number one, or I guess the most serious that anybody would hear would be death investigations. That can be a death investigation for a potential homicide. Where someone has intentionally inflicted a death on somebody else. It also can be the topic when there is just generally speaking a death of someone, maybe it was even by natural causes.

If it happens on any military installation, Army CID will be investigating those on the Army installations. And then also any death that relates to a person who potentially took their own life.

Again, if that happens on the base and even potentially, if that just happens out about town, if they’re on active duty army CID will investigate the other very serious type of offense that Army CID investigates is any form of a sexual assault. And that includes any that could be by a touching or even a penetrative type all the way up to rape. In addition to death investigations and sexual assault investigations, we also see CID taking point on serious type of larceny, whether it’s armed robbery. A larceny is the taking the wrongful taking of somebody’s property without their permission. We see this also when it comes to fraud, most notably with housing allowance and other type of entitlement fraud. We see those a lot.

And lastly, any type of drug offense, CID will also be investigating those. Whether it is just somebody who popped positive on a urinalysis or all the way up to possession with the intent to distribute illegally, bringing narcotics and illicit substances onto an installation and those types of other drug issues.

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