Month: October 2023

  • PSA: Military Law Enforcement -What It Means

    If you have ever been hauled in for questioning and advised of your rights, if you have, odds are they founded an allegation against you and that you were input into NCIC.

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  • PSA: Pre-Trial Confinement

    Today's public service announcement involves if you end up in pre-trial confinement, or frankly, if you end up in civilian confinement being held over for trial.

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  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody

    As I countdown the last few hours until I am yet another year older, I choose to remain grateful for the voice I have cultivated, the opportunities I have developed, and the force that stands before ...

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  • PSA: Your DNA

    If you are a former service member or a civilian, and you had your DNA inputted into the repository known as CODIS, which stands for the Combined DNA Index System, you have the right to petition to ...

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