Month: July 2023

  • Bad Searches and Admissible Evidence

    Messy Military Lawyer. Today’s Public Service Announcement involves this theme in that I keep seeing in a lot of threads to my videos, which is this idea that if its a bad search it won’t ...

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  • How Military Miranda Differs From Civilian

    Messy military lawyer here. Today’s public service announcement involves when military law enforcement is advising people in the military of their rights under Article 31B. Even though ...

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  • Reach Out To Military Facing UCMJ

    Messy military lawyer. Today’s public service announcement involves anybody in the military who knows someone who’s in their unit or is close to someone, or was at least, close to someone ...

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  • Keep Your Messages, Call History From Past Hookups

    Messy military lawyer, PSA, public service announcement. You’ve gone on dates, you’ve hooked up, you’ve had interactions with a young lady. Maybe things didn’t go the way she ...

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  • Facing Investigations

    This is some information that may be helpful to you if you’re an active duty service member facing investigation or possible adverse action. So often I get service members who talk to me with ...

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