Month: May 2023

  • How Does The Military Define Hazing

    The army defines hazing in a very specific way. An Army command policy 600-20, paragraph 4-19, specifically subparagraph A1, hazing is defined as a form of harassment that includes conduct through ...

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  • How Do You Fight A Military Separation

    We’re often asked, how do you fight a military separation? The answer to that will very much depend on how long that member has been in service for. Any member who has been serving for fewer ...

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  • PSA: Stop Backing Up To The Cloud

    Stop backing up to the cloud. That's right. You heard me right? Hey Apple users, Hey Mac users, stop backing up to the cloud. Apple has definitely been one of the most progressive providers that ...

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  • How Do You Rebut A GOMOR

    How do you rebut a GOMOR? We are often asked what is the best approach to respond to a reprimand that you disagree with? Whether or not you committed the actual misconduct, that’s also called a ...

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  • Spicy PSA: You Got To Delete

    Don't take snapshots, don't take videos. Don't go live. Don't put it on Only Fans. Like there's a whole lot of prohibitions about the deets when I'm talking about the details, because the legal age ...

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  • What Is Considered Harassment In The Military

    Just about every single branch is defining it, similarly, if not altogether, consistent with DOD policy. Harassment includes hazing. Harassment includes bullying and harassment.

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  • Firearms and UCMJ

    So doesn't matter what service you're in, service members love firearms. And the problem is that currently in America, there's probably more firearms laws and regulations with different variations ...

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  • What Happens At A Board Of Inquiry

    A board of inquiry is an administrative hearing where the military is attempting to eliminate from the service one of its officers.

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