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Month: March 2023

  • Did Military Law Change The Definition Of Sexual Harassment?

    Now sexual harassment has actually moved to being its own Article 134 offense. So yes, the law has changed.

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  • PSA: Lawyer UP Buttercup

    A lot of people think there is a command investigation going on but I haven't been advised of my rights I must be okay. I must be good to give a statement. Guess what? It can still be used against ...

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  • Can You Stay In The Army With A GOMOR

    Can you stay in the army with a GOMOR? As many cases are, it really just depends. There are two ways that we see people with GOMORs in their records end up having to be potentially made to leave the ...

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  • Adultery and UCMJ

    Hi, my name is Sean Mangan. I’m from the law office of Jocelyn Stewart. I’m a former military judge and retired army lieutenant colonel from the JAG Corps. And I’m here today to ...

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  • Don’t Tell Mom

    Hi, my name’s Sean Mangan. I’m a retired Army Lt Colonel and former military judge in the Army JAG corp. And today I’m an attorney with a Law Office of Jocelyn Stewart, helping ...

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  • Can I Retire With A GOMOR

    Today, we’re covering a lot of topics that deal with general officer memoranda of reprimand, because we certainly field a lot of questions about them more and more with courts martial being on ...

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  • Discussing Your Matter While Under Investigation

    Hi, this is Sean Mangan. I’m an attorney with the Law Office of Jocelyn Stewart. I’m a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and former military judge, and I’m sharing some information ...

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  • PSA: The Truth Is Not A Defense

    We sometimes hear that tossed around in like lawsuits for people that don't like what's written about them in the press or words that are statement, "oh, the truth is a defense".

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  • What Sort of Crimes Does Army CID Investigate

    What sort of crimes does Army CID investigate? CID often is heard to say that they investigate felony level crimes, but that doesn’t necessarily answer the mail when it comes to the UCMJ. Often ...

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