Month: November 2015

  • To “Seek the Truth”

    Through the years of my practice in military justice, I have seen the phrase to “seek the truth” thrown around in a variety of contexts. I remember my chief of military justice as a trial counsel ...

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  • What is a Letter of Reprimand?

    A Letter of Reprimand is an administrative tool that the military uses in order to address what they believe to be misconduct that’s not necessarily deserving of a court-martial, but in their minds ...

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  • Is Drunk Sex Legal in the Military?

    Often we receive questions that ask whether or not it is illegal under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to engage in sexual activity with someone who is drunk. There is in fact a lot of training ...

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  • Gone but Not Forgotten

    First, I am fully aware that Veterans Day celebrates the achievements of those who serve or have served, not explicitly those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, as Memorial Day commemorates. When ...

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